War and Evil Part 2

October 28, 2023 

War and Evil Part 2 

Channeled by Barbara With

So let’s take some deep breaths and settle ourselves in our bodies. Close your eyes and turn your focus inward. Imagine your body, your organs. Your circulatory system, your heart. Your muscles. Imagine all parts of your body all the way down to the microcosm. The cellular level. And on that cellular level? We are reflections of Compassion. We are the fractals that reflect the entire universe into the lens and then perceive that reflection.

Today we will command that only the most divine light shine down upon you at this time, and the greatest good be present here.

We are so honored to once again come to the circle of souls and bring our wisdom at these very crucial times. We want to begin with our mission, about how we in Afterlife have come to be such a large force of Compassion, of the souls of those who walked the earth in DNA space-time bodies who engaged in the suffering of war. We have come into Afterlife with this intention that is about the evolution of human consciousness.

Part of how that happens is that once you lose your body and you go into Afterlife, you experience the truth. You live in the truth. The truth of compassion, the truth of your soul as a compilation of consciousness of a sacred human life. Your connection to the creator, to the universe.

Compassion. That that is what is at your root. That is who you are. That is what happens in that truth. And so as those of us who were working in life for peace lost our bodies, we still held that deeply ingrained passion to protect mother Earth. To take care of the children and the women and the families and the communities that love—that Compassion—instills in us, knowing that we’re one family. We’re one body. We are a unified field. A harm unto you is a harm unto me.

This is the truth that humanity is moving into. What you’re seeing now is that the truth is emerging within each human being. It can be no different. It has to be one person at a time. It can’t be governments at a time. It has to be one person at a time aligning to compassion as the 5th Fundamental Force of the universe.

The reason that we stress this is because this is a revolutionary way to approach the manifestation of World Peace: going inside to make the change within so that the natural outcome is more and more and more peaceful energy coming through that lens, piling up on the planet from individuals who are going to make the greatest amount of peace with themselves.

These are the biggest challenges of being human, but every human must do it. Because of that, every institution is being revealed for who they truly are, not who they say they are, not who their representatives claim that they are. But revealed for who they truly are through their own decision-making processes. Where the organization or the corporation or the government or the terrorist organization or anything, any kind of entity that’s made-up of two or more people, it all is about that intention of the people within the organization.

To those people who are willing to work [to free themselves from the influence of the propaganda] on their own? You are the ones who can help guide the continuing deprogramming. Because you can understand who is suffering from the effects of this very pointed mental mind manipulation by the lack of integrity in a viewpoint and in anyone’s hypocrisy. If it makes no sense that they’re against this thing when this person does it, but they completely keep their mouth shut when someone else does it, for whatever reasons, then there is a lack of balance. That’s where the hypocrisy comes from.

You’re finding more and more segregation going on because of what’s being revealed. Never before have you known so much about the ruling class and the elites as you have in the past three years. Never before have you known what your governments are actually engaged in doing that is keeping you in the dark. The levels of propaganda, as we said in our last channel, are everywhere on every side. Skin color. Every religion, everywhere. Propaganda is being outed and being revealed.

Oftentimes, humans don’t even mean to be hypocritical. With propaganda and mind manipulation, whatever techniques and influences that that propaganda is using and having, when you start to disembowel it, then you begin to see your own hypocrisy. It’s the basic “Us versus Them” mentality. The litany of definitions that your intellect will come up with about “Them” and why you have to be against them—because they are evil. You have all kinds of reasons why they are going to hurt you. You have to stand up against evil, all of those things. That is very, very true. And it means not just standing up against the evil that is out to get you. It’s about standing up against evil everywhere. And then ultimately standing up against the evil within self.

Evil has a spectrum. There is evil that doesn’t have the complete annihilation and devastating impact as a terrorist attack or a rogue government. There’s evil that is slight—white lies, lies that you fool yourself with so you don’t have to feel a feeling. There’s all kinds of examples of making decisions for the good of the few at the expense of the many. The challenge is when you are in that state of imbalance and your ego is in charge. For example, if you were standing up against the evil that was being reigned upon you but ignoring the evil that you were perpetuating upon someone else. You would want to know.

You would want to know where you were perpetuating something that you weren’t aware that you were doing, decisions that you were making. What happens in the ego is there’s kind of an amnesia. It’s why people say afterwards, “I saw so many red flags, but still I said yes.” There’s a connection between a deep emotional abscess and a mistaken intellectual processing triggered by that abscess with deep discomfort of free-floating anxiety or terror being projected onto something outside of you that you have to destroy. That is the cycle we are trying to break of humanity. That’s humanity’s structure now of how people operate. Like most system changes, as you’re changing the system, the new system is going to seem kind of insane. But once it starts to take hold and humans start to really operate in this way of self love, self responsibility, and self scrutiny—really dedicated to mastering one’s own domain in order to make decisions for the good of the whole and not be on any kind of level of spectrum of evil. That’s the world that you’re working to live in.

Then there’s still conflict, but conflict isn’t played out as something that destroys something else. Trying to get rid of the conflict [like that] is like trying to change your clothes by drawing a new outfit in the mirror. You have to stand there and just be that so that external image that you think you want is there. No. You have to change it from within. There is no other way to do it.

We are very optimistic right now about more and more and more people channeling. Channeling the unification. Channeling the truth. Channeling the love in the face of the conflict. And that’s on every level. That’s from how you might talk to somebody in your world about something they’re projecting, all the way up to any kind of work that you do in the public eye talking about peace. Insisting upon peace, starting conversations about peace, that the age of war is over, the age of war is an obsolete idea that needs to go away before humanity goes away.

By continuing to keep peace not just at the forefront of your own self and your self love, where you’re honoring your Intuition and your Emotion with your breath, and you’ve got your intellect to be that faithful servant of the Intuition, to be there in present moment, observing. Taking things in. Listening and then using free will to do what Intuition impels you to do.

We’ve always said that there is really not much more that you have to have going on in your head. You will, of course, because that’s the way Intellect is. It’s going to talk day and night in many, many voices, voices of other lives, voices of the Earth, voices of the planet, voices that you’ve been hearing all your life, of your patterns. So much cacophony going on! [It] doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not a prerequisite to be human. It certainly happens because you’re human. But you can easily live a much more fluid, self-loving life, making decisions for the good of the whole if your Intellect is subdued and intently focused on present moment. Clearing away any any messy thought forms with a meditative exercise to reduce the thinking, getting back into [observing] present moment, a waking, walking prayer.

The goal? That in that world, there’s creative resolutions for conflict. Not degenerative, but regenerative. Creative. You can start with that. You can start with recognizing that all those deep feelings that you have are meant to be felt through your body using your breath work.

This is a time where that deep, deep, deep feeling is being revealed, whether you like it or not. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to feel comfortable. You don’t have to pretend that it’s OK. It might be very uncomfortable to feel that much depth, but go there, feel it. Breathe it. Be in it. Be conscious intent. Intent that you’re evolving, that you will become the change. Intend that you will recognize the truth that you becoming the change is the most powerful thing that you can do for the planet right now. There is nothing more powerful than a critical mass of human beings coming into alignment with Compassion, feeling their feelings, listening to the voice of Compassion within them, and using free will to do that impelling of intuition for the good of the whole.

That kind of critical mass changes the manifestation in a way that nothing else can. And so we will continue to advocate and we feel like the world is here, ready, willing, able to not just become the change, but be willing to commit to the mystery and take part in this noble experiment of peacemaking that we have been working on for decades and now has come into its full fruition. So with that said, are there any questions or conversations? 

I’m very thankful for this. It’s the most intense discourse that I don’t have any questions because it’s just so thorough and I just have to be doing it more and because I am ready, willing and able. Thank you so very much.

You are welcome and you are all welcome.

As we close the channel, we want to remind you that this is why you’re here. Everything that you have all lived through in your life, including other lives, is for this moment here now. That’s the good news. Because you have been specially trained and you have [already] transformed your own lives. You’ve worked with your own power to see the power that you have. It’s through the facing of evil that one not only overcomes it, because love is more powerful. Compassion is more complete. But that your lives are here to do this. You are fulfilling your purpose.

Challenge yourself to be in this Compassion and in this love. We want you to do so willingly and joyfully, even in the worst of times. We know that sounds a little insane, but the world is a lot insane right now, so why not face it with a completely new perspective that throws off evil, that casts it out from within and transforms it just by touching it with the hem of your garment. That you have the power to go into those conflicted situations and not just manage to get through them, but to exert this miraculous force of Compassion when you yourself use it on yourselves.

Continue to question yourself: what you’re triggered by, question what you think you know. Let the revolution lead you to those places that you are supposed to see. Discover and transform and transmogrify and evolve into this new humanity dedicated to Compassion, for the good of all.

Then what else will there be to do but watch? And be amazed. 

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