Kimberly Lilith Phelps

Sharing Spirit * Extending Love * Healing Lives

Shalom Y’all!

No matter who you are, how you’re feeling or what you’re facing in life, I’m grateful that you’ve arrived here, right at this moment. My name is Lily Phelps and my calling is to be a “sower of seeds” – Seeds of Spiritual Truth, Self-Empowerment and Unconditional Love. I teach by using what I have learned in my own spiritual journey and by showing you what I know after 25+ years of Spiritual work in my own life.

Most of what I know came from falling down and figuring out how to get back up. All of what I know comes from God.

In this process I will walk with you down a path of discovery about your Divine essence, inner wisdom and sense of worthiness so you can heal unresolved hurts and conflicts, overcome limiting beliefs and become the empowered owner of your own unique relationship with the Divine. This process can transform your life, when you are open, curious and willing to explore.

Through the teachings of Synergy – regeneration through human will and Divine Grace – your new awareness of a personal relationship with God evolves. 

Though I serve as a teacher and guide, I’m really just like you … not in detail, but in essence and purpose. We are made the same: Divine Spirit housed in a physical form meant to carry us through this experience of life. And we all struggle. I do not have all the answers, but I can promise you this … you absolutely deserve to love and be loved. This is your birthright. In order to shift out of suffering and struggle and into a happier, more fulfilling life, you need to set your feet on a path that leads you back to Unconditional Love.

As an Interfaith Minister I enjoy the freedom of working with people of all faiths, and even people of no faith. Are you open, curious and willing to explore a deeper path toward spiritual growth and personal wholeness? Would you like to take the first step toward the unconditional love and daily joy that are your birthright? I offer individuals seeking spiritual support, the wisdom and guidance to help you transform your Self, your life and your relationship with the Divine.

Are you ready to join me on this journey? Simply click Connect with Lily link below to send me a message.

Let’s do something great together.