Invitation to the Participation of the Willing

Join us Sunday, July 9th as we observe the 68th anniversary of the Russell Einstein Manifesto.

Join us for a very special channel with Einstein and the Party and take up the challenge to become the change using Conflict REVOLUTION®

July 9, 2023

Noon central


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On July 9, 1955, Bertrand Russell and a group of nine prominent Nobel Laureate scientists held a press conference in London to read Albert Einstein’s last manifesto, three months after his death. They originally reserved the lower, smaller room at Caxton Hall, a local community center. But as people started to arrive, Russell moved upstairs to the much bigger room to accommodate all the press who were arriving from around the world. The Russell Einstein Manifesto was Albert Einstein’s last great public message to the world, urging the world to understand the dire consequences of a nuclear war. He signed it nine days before he died. These were his last burning questions that he took with him to the grave.

This explains Einstein’s work from Afterlife over the past 30 years to create Conflict REVOLUTION®: a process for humanity to administer on themselves—the participation of the willing—to eradicate the need for “us vs them” and join in birthing a new humanity, one that is evolved past the need for war.

Bertrand Russell reading the Manifesto on July 9, 1955. Photo: Pugwash Council

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