Intro to Con REV®

First and third Saturday of each month at 10 AM central we ZOOM to explore this revolutionary process to resolve conflict first within ourselves.

Conflict is a natural part of life. We will never be conflict free. We can, however, learn a simple but effective way to transform conflict into creative solutions that lead to the manifestation of different outcomes, based on our needs, hopes, and desires. When we take control of what is ours to be in control of, life can change in an instant. When we then commit ourselves to Compassion, we discover where our power lies. We can show you how to do this.

We do not charge a fee to attend our Saturday Morning Con REV®. However, you must be ready to take 100% responsibility for your own Domain. If you think something or someone outside yourself is responsible for your life, be prepared to pick up your power and begin a deep scrutiny into Self. It’s in the depth of the self we find the Source, the inseparable I AM of creation, and our ultimate freedom and sovereignty. It’s there we become the change.

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